Candle Care & Safety

Candle Care & Safety Tips

In order to achieve the best performance of the candle, we recommend you follow these guidelines. Pari Aromas is not liable for misuse. Please note that each candle also provides safety instructions on the bottom label of each container.

Candle Lighting Tips

  • When lighting the candle, tilt the candle to the side and apply the flame for at least 10 seconds to ensure a successful end to end light; using a wand  lighter is more ideal
  • Ensure that the candle reaches a full melt pool to prevent tunneling or wax remaining to the sides of the vessel; it may take anywhere between 1 and 1.5 hours to reach a full melt pool

  • For best results, keep your candle lit for at least 2 – 3 hours. Do not exceed a maximum of 4 hours.

  • For a better scent throw, we recommend lighting your candles in an enclosed area with the doors and windows shut

  • To extinguish, we recommend using a snuffer

  • Discontinue burning the candle when there is about a ¼ inch of wax left in the vessel

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or close to flammable items

Wooden Wick Care

Before reuse and to prevent issues lighting the wick, ensure that the burnt wick is trimmed to at least 1/8". As a clever technique, we recommend that you turn the candle upside down, and then pinch the excess wood with your thumb and index finger.


Our containers may be reused or recycled. We recommend that you go green and grow your favourite herbs in the empty containers, but you can also use them however you desire.