Welcome! I am Reba, founder and chandler at Pari Aromas! As a native of the British Virgin Islands, I grew up enjoying the exotic scents of the tropical fruits, flowers, and herbs in my grandma's and mom's garden. Pari Aromas was born from my deep love for smelling unique aromas and an addiction to candles and fine perfumes. As a Digital Product Manager by profession, I wanted to extend my expertise to create a luxurious candle brand that serves two main purposes: to inspire, and to light up your world and let the evocative aromas reset and elevate your mood.

Our candles are hand-poured in South Florida in small batches and made eco-friendly with a clean burning blend of coconut + soy wax and wood wicks, and paired with fine fragrance oils and pure essential oils. We are proud to say that our fragrances are all phthalate, paraben, and cruelty free.

We stand by our mission to inspire and our values are simple:

  • Integrity: We ensure that our products will not compromise the health and safety of our customers
  • Quality: We will remain customer-focused by keeping our promise to only use high-quality ingredients
  • Uplifting: Our hope is to make a difference in the lives of our customers through our inspirational messages
  • Altruistic: We will always give back a portion of our sales to charity

Whether it's a boat, a cabin, an office, a treehouse, a house or a mansion, we want to be a part of your special space; to inspire, to uplift, and to help conjure up a feeling of warmth and happiness one candle at a time.