Passionfruit & Orchid Candle
Passionfruit & Orchid Candle

Passionfruit & Orchid Candle

Our Island Sunset luxury scented candle is a sensual choice that plays with your mind, inducing the feeling of watching a tranquil sunset over the waters of the Caribbean. The complex and juicy aromas of passion fruit, orchid, papaya and frangipani, with fresh aromas of cocoa, coconut, clove and cedar will lift your soul, and provide you with an aromatic experience you can enjoy no matter where you are. Set in the middle is a sustainable wood wick that offers a cleaner and longer burn time with the soothing sound of crackling wood.

Aromas of Passion Fruit, Orchid, Papaya, Frangipani, Cocoa, Clove, Cedarwood

Eco-Friendly: Coconut + Soy Blend, Crackling Wood Wick
Reusable & Renewable: High-Quality Glass Jar carrying 9oz / 255g and topped with a gold metal lid
Burn Time: Up to 60 hours
Signature Gift Box